Unleashing Potential Through Data Analytics: Ahmad Stevens’ Journey

Unlocking new opportunities in Data Analytics

Ahmad Stevens worked in healthcare as a claims analyst and was pursuing an MBA when he discovered Emory’s Data Analytics Certificate Program offered by Pathstream. 

“I wanted to learn to use more data analytics tools. When I compared different programs, Pathstream stood out to me. It covered all the right data topics and would teach me how to use tools and software employers wanted their analysts to master. I also liked how the program was self-paced and online. It paid off because the program was worth every penny,” Ahmad shares.


A Stellar learning experience

Ahmad’s enthusiasm for the program is evident:

“I am head over heels for the program. I had a phenomenal instructor, Adrian, who was instrumental in helping me stay on task and providing critical feedback on every project. My instructors were also more accessible than the professors in my MBA program. Pathstream instructors promptly responded to emails; you could set up appointments with them and take advantage of office hours. Additionally, each course included labs and projects so that you could apply your skills to business scenarios you would encounter on the job.”


Gaining practical skills

Ahmad was impressed by the program’s curriculum, particularly its focus on practical skills. “Before the program, I was proficient in Excel, but I’ve improved my Excel skills tremendously since taking the program. Many companies are looking for data analyst candidates who know how to use VLookups, Index Max, and pivot tables.”

Emory’s Data Analytics Certificate Program also covers SQL, a crucial skill for accessing and managing various types of data.

Ahmad says, “I never used SQL, so learning it was helpful. It makes retrieving, sorting, and analyzing data more manageable and faster. The last course is where you learn Power BI and Tableau, two top data visualization tools. Tableau is a great tool for learning as an analyst because it lets you generate easy-to-understand dashboards and reports from data for stakeholders to review.”


Landing the job

With his new certification, Ahmad’s job prospects improved significantly. “I was interviewing for business analyst roles and got offers from two companies looking for candidates with SQL skills. I chose BenefitFocus, an insurance company, because they offered remote and hybrid options, which appealed to me.”

Ahmad is now an associate data analyst at Benefitfocus and applies his new data skills at work.

“I am in an entry-level position but use my SQL skills daily. I usually run queries to ensure everything works well before our team puts it into production. I also work in our test database often. We use Oracle instead of MySQL at work, but I was able to adapt quickly because of the skills I learned from the program.”


Advice for future students

“I would tell the students to engage with your instructors; they want you to succeed. I would meet with my instructor often to go over work and get feedback. Use office hours if you have questions about the material. It helped me tremendously. Another piece of advice I have is to set aside time for the program. There is a lot of information to retain, and you must prioritize learning and the coursework.”


Explore your future with Pathstream

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