With how influential social media has become, any small business knows that a strong social media presence can make or break your business.

When you first start to promote your small business, making the leap onto social media and building your social presence can be daunting. Here are some quick tips on what you should focus on while building and growing your social media presence for your small business.

Understand which channels are right for your business. 

Before creating content and being present online, make sure you focus on social media channels that are right for your audience and business. Especially when you are starting, you don’t need to be on every social media channel, and choosing one to three to focus on can help you spend your time wisely.

Some social media channels to consider:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Youtube
  • Reddit
  • Medium

When selecting which channels to focus on, think about who your target audience might be and choose channels that would be most likely to include and prioritize this community. These could include age, location, interests, gender, and more. For more data about different social media channels, read this article by Sprout Social, “Social media demographics to inform your brand’s strategy in 2021”.

Build your online brand

You may want to jump in and start posting online, but creating a solidified brand will set you up for success before you do that. Building a brand identity will help you create a cohesive look and feel online and connect the content you make across different platforms. Building a recognizable style that highlights what your brand provides that others do not will help your potential customers identify you and help your brand to grow. 

Some questions to think about when designing your brand include:

  • What color scheme do you want to make up your brand identity?
  • What font do you want to use across your posts and content?
  • How do you want your brand voice to sound? Formal? Casual? Personal? Silly?
  • What logo do you want to associate with your brand?


Focus on low-effort video content

With platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels taking over the internet right now, make sure at least some of your focus is on creating low-effort video content. Simple videos showcasing your different products, ways you can use your product, or commenting on why someone might want to try your product can go a long way. As long as you have a smartphone, you can easily make these videos on the platform without needing a big team or a large set of video resources.

Connect with your online community

As you begin to focus on growth, building connections online and continuing to connect with your followers is a must.

To stay connected with your followers, remember that you don’t need to have a massive following if the following you have is engaged and feels deeply connected to you! Share personal stories or updates to add a personal touch to your content, or offer spaces where your followers can ask questions and connect directly with you to create a closer connection. No matter what your day looks like, continually reconnecting with your followers and asking them what they are looking for is key to retaining a social media presence that you can continue to build on.

When connecting with other accounts and communities that align with your brand, find other small business accounts similar to yours and see if you can promote one another for free! You can also try following other small businesses to support their efforts and get inspiration from their content. The more interconnected you can be with your target audience, which means liking, commenting, direct messaging, re-sharing, and generally engaging with these groups online,  the more visibility and reach you will have for your brand. 

Run small giveaways or discount opportunities 

Are you looking to create easy ways for your followers to promote and share your content? Posting a small giveaway that requires a user to comment or tag a friend to participate is a great way to create organic growth. Similarly, sharing posts with temporary sales or discount codes that online users can share with their friends or re-post can be another way to build traction online.  

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