Pathstream is your partner in achieving your frontline workforce digital skills education goals. But with so many options out there, what makes Pathstream different?


We are experts in frontline career mobility.

Pathstream specializes in helping hourly frontline workers transform their careers. Our programs are flexible–everything is completed online, according to a learner’s own schedule, and our instructors and career coaches are accessible at any time. This means employees with workdays outside the 9-5 schedule have more opportunities to complete courses and earn certificates.

Our programs are created with transferable skills and industry-specific career pathing in mind. Workers on the frontline can build upon their current knowledge and work experience to prepare them for success as they grow at your organization. Pathstream’s solution consolidates coaching, learning, and career pathing into one destination.


We help you achieve your DEI goals. 

Pathstream was founded with the mission to make career progression more accessible to everyone regardless of education or opportunity. Our organization is committed to creating equitable opportunities to learn digital skills. We want to help you achieve your diversity, equity, and inclusion goals by providing the necessary resources and support.

According to McKinsey, 13% of frontline workers are black adults and 14% are Hispanic adults. They are earning 22-25% less than their white peers.

Pathstream’s data shows that there is a demand for workforce skills education among populations that are typically underserved in the workplace. Seventy-five percent of our students have at least one non-white identity, and 60% of our learners identify as women or non-binary.

When companies empower frontline workers to advance, they can create a more diverse and inclusive work environment from within.


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Our programs engage and help retain frontline workers. 

Pathstream’s student data shows that this type of program works to keep learners motivated to finish their certificate program in its entirety. Pathstream’s program completion rates are 33% higher than the industry average. Every course features projects inspired by real-world situations requiring students to think critically and offer solutions that translate to a work environment.

Project-based learning engages students. When engaged, they are more likely to complete the course, leading to a more qualified and skilled workforce with the confidence needed to achieve an organization’s goals.


We optimize career skills and growth. 

Our programs are developed in partnership with leading tech companies like Salesforce, Asana, Facebook, and Tableau. Each one is designed to give learners the skills they need to excel in the workforce. Projects are business-related and modeled after real-world scenarios and solutions.

Our programs are growth-focused and acknowledge the motivation and engagement of each student. They are built to directly combat feelings of imposter syndrome and feature case studies of individuals with similar backgrounds so students can see a clear path to success. Finally, learners have access to our helpdesk seven days a week. They can always get clarification on a subject or activity in their course.

Pathstream is the frontline career mobility platform that transforms today’s essential workers into tomorrow’s future-ready talent. We combine AI-driven career pathing, personalized coaching, and digital upskilling to help frontline employees get ready for the digital future – all in one seamless location.

Seventy-nine percent of frontline employees say a lack of career advancement is the #1 factor motivating them to leave their employer. Pathstream helps retain your most essential workers by giving them digital skills training and career navigation tools needed to build a future at your company.

We’ve helped 20+ Fortune 500 companies, including Amazon, Walmart, JP Morgan, and Chipotle, reduce their turnover costs by as much as $30k per employee. We can help transform your frontline workforce into the tech talent needed to grow your business.


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