Are you interested in an exciting career in the field of digital marketing? Have you been offered a chance to interview for a Facebook digital marketing position with the company of your dreams? Want to find out what the most common Facebook Ads interview questions are?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you are in the right place. In this article, our experts will provide you with an outline of some of the top Facebook Ads Interview questions. Not only that, but they also offer their insights into the answers that prospective employers want to hear.

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What are the most important qualities of a Digital Marketer?

What are the necessary steps for a successful Facebook ads campaign?

How do you know when a campaign is not successful?

Explain an effective sales funnel you built

Which KPIs do you use to measure the performance of your Facebook campaigns?

Explain the different Facebook campaign objectives and when you should use each one

What are custom and lookalike audiences?

How to prepare for your career as a Facebook Marketer?

What are the most important qualities of a Digital Marketer?

First up on our list is one of the most popular Facebook Ads interview questions. Every prospective employer will want to know what qualities you believe are the most important for a digital marketer.

While there are many “must-have” attributes for digital marketing experts, a few of the answers that employers are looking for include:


Employers want marketing staff who are flexible and agile. Even the best-laid marketing strategies can sometimes underperform. When this happens, you will need to pivot and adjust the course.

Communication skills

A Facebook digital marketer must effectively convey their ideas to stakeholders and C-suite executives. Try to reference a time when you demonstrated strong communication skills when mentioning this quality. Real-world examples, including email exchanges and phone calls, can drive a point home and help you stand out from other applicants.


The best Facebook digital marketers are extremely creative individuals. They have a knack for coming up with fresh campaign content that will resonate with the target audience.

In addition to the qualities mentioned above, you can also include attributes such as project management experience or data analytics skills or talk about the Facebook pages you have created. 

What are the necessary steps for a successful Facebook ads campaign?

While every Facebook Ads strategy will be unique, all campaigns require you to follow several basic steps. Most prospective employers will ask you to outline these steps during an interview. They do this to ensure you understand the fundamentals of setting up a Facebook Ads campaign.

Generally speaking, your answer should include the following steps:

Set a goal

The ultimate goal of any Facebook digital marketing effort is to help the company become more profitable. However, each campaign should have a limited and specific purpose. For instance, your campaign may be designed to generate more leads or increase the company’s social media following.

Create and add content

Once you have set a goal, creating content to meet it is time. After completing the content, you can add it to your campaign via Facebook’s Ad management tools.

Make sure to inform the interviewers that you are accustomed to working with various types of content. If you want to connect with consumers, then you will need to

Select your audience

When responding to this question, make sure to mention this step. The interviewer wants to know that you are familiar with audience targeting. 

You can target specific audiences based on various demographic information during the setup process. Your campaign should zero in on consumers most likely interested in the client’s products or services.

Set a budget

Step four involves setting a budget and duration for your campaign. This step is perhaps the easiest aspect of creating a successful Facebook Ads campaign. Let the interviewer know you will set budgetary restrictions based on stakeholder preferences.

Determine where you want your Ad displayed

Finally, you must decide where you want the ad to be displayed. Mention that you will conduct extensive market research to determine where the company’s target audience is most active.

What are the necessary steps for a successful Facebook ads campaign?

How do you know when a campaign is not successful?

Unfortunately, not every business’s Facebook digital marketing campaign will be a hit with consumers. In light of this fact, most interview panels will ask how you determine when one of your campaigns is unsuccessful.

To answer this question effectively, you should be prepared to outline how you measure the effectiveness of your advertising tactics. Explain that you consistently track key performance indicators (KPIs) throughout the campaign’s life.

If the campaign does not make a meaningful impact on these metrics, it is not a good fit.

Explain an effective sales funnel you built

As you know, “sales funnel” refers to a consumer’s journey from prospect to paying customer. Facebook Ads is all about strategically guiding potential buyers all of the way down the funnel. 

A comprehensive campaign should address consumers at every stage of the funnel. The funnel is typically divided into four distinct stages, which are as follows:

  • Creating awareness
  • Generating interest
  • Driving a decision
  • Compelling the buyer to take action

When answering this open-ended question, be detailed. Explain what content you used to make consumers aware of a product and how you nurtured their interest to draw them deeper into the funnel. Also, discuss what tactics you used to compel users to take action.

Ensure that you discuss the final results of your funnel. Whenever possible, provide them with hard data, not generalized statements. For instance, instead of saying that your funnel produced an “excellent ROI,” share with the interviewers that your funnel created a 3X return on investment and boosted ranking on search engines.

Explain an effective sales funnel you built

Which KPIs do you use to measure the performance of your Facebook campaigns?

There is plenty of debate as to which KPIs provide the most relevant insights into the performance of a Facebook Ads campaign. However, there are a few universal metrics that most employers expect you to use for staying updated.

When answering this Facebook Ads interview question, we recommend mentioning common KPIs such as:


The KPI “Reach” tracks the total number of times that users have viewed your ads. Many employers prefer using Reach instead of Impressions. This preference exists because Reach only tracks unique views, whereas Impressions calculate every time an ad is displayed. 

Impressions may include more than one view from a single user, which can skew results.

Link clicks

Link Clicks is another relevant metric that can help you gauge the impact of your Facebook Ads campaign. Specifically, you should be tracking unique link clicks, not just interactions in general. That is because the same user may click on your link multiple times. The more unique link clicks you accumulate, the broader the reach of your ads.

Return on Ad spend

The Return on Ad Spend metric is perhaps the most important KPI in the eyes of stakeholders. Ideally, your revenue generated should be higher than the cost of running a campaign. If it was not then displaying that set of Facebook Ads negatively impacted your company’s bottom line.  

Explain the different Facebook campaign objectives and when you should use each one

When launching a Facebook advertising campaign, you must select a “Campaign Objective.” There are 11 total types of strategies, which are subdivided into three different categories. The correct one depends on your strategies for the business when running Facebook ads. 

The first category is “Awareness.” There are two objectives listed in this category, which are “Brand Awareness” and “Reach.”

The second category is “Consideration,” which includes the following six objectives:

  • Traffic
  • Engagement
  • App Installs
  • Video Views
  • Lead Generation
  • Messages

The final category is “Conversion.” The objective options in this category are “Conversions,” “Catalogue Sales,” and “Store Traffic.” Make sure to choose carefully, as the objective that you select will impact how Facebook displays your marketing content.

Most interviewers will not expect you to provide an in-depth explanation of each objective. Instead, they want to verify that you know the various objective options. However, you should be prepared to give a few examples of using a specific objective.

how to build facebook campaigns

What are custom and lookalike audiences?

During your Facebook marketing interview questions and answers, prospective employers are almost guaranteed to ask about custom and lookalike audiences. Therefore, you must know the difference between these two audience types.

When setting up your Facebook Ads campaign, you will have the opportunity to create a “Custom Audience.” A few examples of custom audiences include your company’s current Facebook followers, people who have visited your website in the last month, or individuals from your email list.

Once you have created a custom audience, Facebook can generate a “Lookalike Audience.” When creating your lookalike audience, Facebook will analyze the attributes of your custom audience list. 

It will then locate users with similar characteristics to the individuals in your custom audience. This functionality allows you to target future marketing campaigns towards high-quality prospects.

How to prepare for your career as a Facebook Marketer?

Now that we have reviewed the most common Facebook Ads interview questions, let’s discuss how you can prepare for your career as a social media marketer. Before you can start applying for positions and chasing that interview, you will need to acquire the requisite digital marketing skills.

While there are many ways to start learning these skills, Pathstream’s Facebook digital marketing certificate is the best choice. Our comprehensive program includes hands-on interactive projects, personalized feedback, and ongoing career support to help you prepare to answer Facebook Ads interview questions.

We offer several other programs, including:

Contact the Pathstream team. We will connect you with one of our advisors and help you jumpstart your journey to a rewarding career in digital marketing.

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