Working at Amazon can be a very rewarding and enriching experience as this company believes in internal promotions and honoring the talent that it retains. Amazon is proud to invest in its employees by providing ongoing training and education so that they can continue to rise and succeed within the company. 

With free courses provided through Pathstream’s partnership with Amazon, you can upskill yourself into a new position to advance at Amazon in a company that you love.

Besides training, there are five essential skills that Amazon employees should have to guarantee a successful career with the company. Here’s what you need to know so that you can hone your skills and give your career a boost.

What skills do you need to advance at Amazon?

  • Skill 1: Adaptability and Problem-Solving
  • Skill 2: Customer Obsession
  • Skill 3: Data-Driven Decision Making
  • Skill 4: Effective Communication
  • Skill 5: Leadership and Ownership

Utilizing Amazon’s Resources for Skill Development

Invest in Your Skills

Skill 1: Adaptability and problem-solving

The first skill that Amazon looks for in candidates to fill a role is the power to adapt to any situation. This company has a fast-paced work environment, so team leaders need to be able to pivot and think outside the box when something doesn’t go according to plan. Sometimes it’s as easy as just trying to simplify the situation instead of trying to reinvent the wheel. Being agile and staying cool under tense situations is a huge plus that can also serve you well outside of Amazon.

To work on problem-solving, follow this four-step process

  1. Identify the specific problem
  2. Try to think of multiple ways to solve it
  3. Clearly define the solution
  4. Put the solution into action

Utilizing a methodology like this one helps you identify problems quickly and think of creative ways to solve them. The more you practice, the more it will become second nature to you.


Skill 2: Customer Obsession

One of Amazon’s Leadership Principles is Customer Obsession. As a core tenet, Amazon believes that leaders within the company should work backward by starting with the customer first. This approach helps win customers’ trust and gives the company credibility as one they can rely on. Even though leaders need to pay attention to what their competitors are doing, Amazon leaders always need to have their focus on who matters most first: the customer.

Practicing customer focus and empathy is a sure way to build trust and make people keep coming back. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes. What frustrations and problems are they facing, and how do they feel about them? We’ve all had to deal with customer service before, so we know that it can be trying for the people on both ends of the problem.

Understanding your customer base helps you to empathize with them and know where they’re coming from. Maintaining a positive attitude is also key and helps to keep situations calm and controlled.

Skill 3: Data-Driven Decision Making

Data plays a huge role in the focus on customers at Amazon. The company collects data and uses it to make everyday decisions when it comes to what products to sell and how to choose a price point for them.

This data collection also lets Amazon know more about its customer base to improve personalized product recommendations, customer service, and interactions. Not only that, but key data also helps Amazon to keep improving logistics and delivery to maintain customer satisfaction.

You must hone your analytical and critical thinking skills to advance at Amazon. You can do little things to brush up, such as actively trying to be more observant. Use your senses to notice everything going on around you.

Be bold and ask questions when you need help understanding something, and when you find a solution, take the time to understand how and why it works.

Find out how Portland scored a promotion at Amazon after learning data analysis:



Skill 4: Effective Communication

Effective and clear communication is coveted at Amazon since not only does it help in business, it helps in life, too. This trait is one of the keys to Amazon’s success as it emphasizes the importance of written communication following the model of thinking, analyzing, and anticipating. 

On the receiving end, Amazon leaders need to be able to listen and understand communication, as simply hearing just doesn’t cut it. To effectively communicate, you need to be able to get your message across but also be able to receive those from others.

If you want to work on these skills to advance at Amazon, start by working a little bit of reading into your daily routine. This is proven to improve your verbal and written skills as you’re exposed to new language and ways of expression. Add writing to your routine, as well. There are tons of writing prompts available on the web to help get the creative juices flowing. 


Skill 5: Leadership and Ownership

Going back to Amazon’s Leadership Principles, another biggie is Ownership. Leaders within Amazon act on behalf of the company, so they need to think past their own personal roles or their teams’ roles. This means thinking in the long term rather than expecting short-term results. You have to put in the work in order the reap its success. 

Utilizing Amazon’s Resources for Skill Development

Amazon makes it easy for employees to get the skills they need to put them on the path to their dream careers. Through its partnership with Pathstream, employees can take courses and earn valuable skills and certifications at no cost. 

The courses change every few months so that a number of topics and skill sets can be addressed so that employees can branch out into different career paths.

Additionally, Amazon has mentorship programs and networking events available so employees can make vital connections within their desired fields.

Invest in Your Skills

One of the best things you can do as an Amazon employee looking to advance your career is to take advantage of all the company’s programs for workers to upskill and continue learning. While investing in your skills takes some work, Amazon’s wealth of resources means you can advance at Amazon at no cost.

Taking a course through Amazon’s partnership with Pathstream is an invaluable investment in yourself and your future, so reach out to Pathstream now to get started on your road to success.


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