Salesforce Admin

Learn to build dashboards, generate reports, and improve business processes so you stand out for sales, business development, and customer success roles. Gain the customer relationship management (CRM) skills needed for thousands of Salesforce Administrator jobs.

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Salesforce Admin

Learn to build dashboards, generate reports, and improve business processes so you stand out for sales, business development, and customer success roles. Gain the customer relationship management (CRM) skills needed for thousands of Salesforce Administrator jobs.

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New Salesforce jobs by 2026

About Salesforce

Salesforce is one of the world’s leading cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platforms. Companies, both big and small, use this CRM platform to connect with customers, build lasting relationships, and streamline business processes. In fact, Salesforce is used by over 150,000 companies worldwide. Research firms predict there will be approximately 9.3 million new Salesforce jobs by 2026.

Naturally, this will fuel a continued increase in demand for Salesforce Administration professionals. According to some figures, approximately 4.2 million more Salesforce Admin jobs will become available by 2024.

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What does a Salesforce Admin do?

Salesforce Administrators (Admins) are employed by almost every company that uses Salesforce. These individuals help companies set up the Salesforce software and then generate reports and dashboards that the company uses to track sales and other parts of the business.

At their core, they maintain and make the platform more user-friendly. They must stay up to date on any new tools, updates, or capabilities of the platform. Salesforce Administrators are able to apply the Salesforce platform to any business, non-profit, or organization to improve functionality and efficiency.

Day-to-day tasks performed by Salesforce Admins

A Salesforce Admin bridge the gap between businesses and the Salesforce CRM platform. While these individuals are typically viewed as system administrators, they do much more than simply manage the Salesforce platform. They typically support the sales management and/or executive team(s) by:

Building Dashboards and Reports

  • Customize dashboards
  • Generate easy-to-read sales reports
  • Improve the organization’s reporting capabilities

Improving Business Processes

  • Organize & manage new leads and current customers
  • Optimize Salesforce experience for the team
  • Better communicate clients’ needs

Coordinate & Support Your Team

  • Track sales pipeline
  • Assist with improving user experience
  • Maintains customer records

Skills you already have that are relevant to a career in Salesforce Administration

A diversity of other ‘past careers’ end up being successful as a Salesforce admin, as long as you have the right general skills, you can learn the hard skills to be successful. Former customer service representatives, bankers, executive assistants, real estate agents, restaurant managers, and stay-at-home parents have all transitioned into Salesforce Administrator roles. Successful Salesforce Administrators possess a blend of customer service experience, some business knowledge, and sales expertise.

This job will be the right fit for you if you are:
  • A creative problem solver
  • A champion of productivity
  • Have strong communication skills or
  • Have deep attention to detail
Salesforce Skills Map

Salesforce Admin salary potential

If you are looking for a stable career field that pays very well, then a Salesforce career may be for you. Various factors influence a Salesforce Administrator’s salary, but Burning Glass Technologies estimates they earn around $84K per year. Top earners bring in more than $94K annually, whereas even the bottom 10% of Salesforce Admins make nearly $70K annually. 

There are also many benefits associated with this job that make it even more desirable to people who want to work from home or remotely.

Projected demand for Salesforce Administrators

Over the last 20 years, Salesforce has become the most popular CRM because of its vast product offerings and ability to adapt to the business needs of its customers. The demand for Salesforce experts has grown exponentially as more and more companies purchase and use the CRM platform. One of the most sought-after hires is the Salesforce Administrator.

According to Burning Glass Technologies, demand for Salesforce Administrators is projected to grow 12.7% in the next 10 years. With over 150,000 companies looking to hire employees with Salesforce Admin skills, knowing where to start looking can be intimidating.  Four thriving sectors with high demand for Salesforce Administrators are:

  • Finance
  • Public Administration
  • Information
  • SaaS
Salesforce Skills Map

How to become a Salesforce Admin?

Like with any computer program or software, Salesforce was made by humans for humans. The first step to learning how to use it is to actually dive into Salesforce — to play around with it — and to see for yourself that it’s not really so hard after all.

Pathstream has partnered with Trailhead, Salesforce’s online library of free educational resources, to create a learning experience where you can work directly with the software itself. In the Salesforce administrator career certificate, you’ll learn how to configure customer relationship management platforms and use the Sales Cloud and Service Cloud products. You’ll become a competitive applicant for roles requiring Salesforce administration abilities, which are expected to grow by 32% in the next 10 years.

Built for busy people who want to take the next step in their careers, this certificate program is 100% online. You will have access to experienced instructors ready to support your learning and provide you with personalized feedback. Working at your own pace, you will work through projects like the ones you will need to perform on the job. For example, you will import data into Salesforce, generate reports and dashboards,  create custom formula fields, record types, and objects. To configure advanced reporting, track data in a typical sales process, and set up efficient business processes. You’ll master in-demand tools like Salesforce sales, cloud, and Salesforce Service Cloud and get a head start in your preparation for the Salesforce Administrator exam.

Most importantly, when you finish this program, you’ll be ready to apply for roles as a Salesforce Administrator at companies like Quicken Loans, Deloitte, and Bank of America. Or, you’ll be ready to take on additional Salesforce responsibilities at your current job or for your own business.

We offer career coaching to help you accomplish your goals. Pathstream supports you every step of the way.

To learn more about how Pathstream will support you, read this article.-

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