Education as a Benefit

Put your frontline workers in the driver’s seat of their careers.

To become the ’employer of choice,’ companies must prioritize creating rich employee experiences for their current frontline workforce. A total rewards program can be an effective tool in helping enrich the employee experience, improve retention, and boost frontline employee engagement.

Download our roadmap to learn how your organization can build an education benefits program customer-facing employees will utilize.

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Make your benefits better.

University certificate programs. Aligned to career paths.

Incorporate programs from leading universities including NYU, Emory, Texas A&M, Florida A&M, and Harvard Continuing Education into your tuition assistance program. Give your employees access to resume-worthy credentials focused on the most critical soft skills and technology skills.

Eligible for college credit.

Earn credit toward a degree. Work toward a promotion.

Your days of funding irrelevant degree programs are over. Improve employee engagement by offering certificate programs that count toward a degree and are relevant to workers’ career goals.

82% of employees who participated in a tuition reimbursement program feel it made them a more effective at their job, yet less than 2% of all employees take advantage of this benefit.