Build Diverse Talent Pipelines

Diversify and develop your future leaders.

Your most diverse workers are likely in frontline roles. Creating career pathways and upskilling programs for these employees allows you to build a more diverse, equitable organization that is representative at all levels of the customers you serve.

Download our white paper on how to connect digital skills training to talent agility and career mobility for frontline workers.

Put diverse talent in the driver’s seat of their career.


Black frontline workers have a 50% lower career mobility rate than their White counterparts


Companies with diverse leadership teams average 36% higher profits than those with non-diverse teams.

Gain visibility into your talent pipeline for critical roles.

With Pathstream’s talent pipeline tool, you can dynamically see how many workers are on an upward path to fill critical roles. You can break that data down by demographics to ensure your pipelines are as representative as your desired leadership teams.

Track and achieve diversity and equity goals.

With robust analytics and insights, you can see where your career pathways may be falling short of your DEI goals and proactively address any gaps. Use Pathstream data to deploy your resources in a targeted way to stay on track with your DEI scorecard.

Develop a loyal employee base.

By providing career pathways and upskilling opportunities, you can signal to your frontline workforce that they are valued at your company. Giving people the opportunity to grow is a win-win, increasing retention of diverse talent and ensuring you have the right people in house to meet your business objectives.

Pathstream is the frontline career mobility platform that transforms today’s essential workers into tomorrow’s future-ready talent.

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