Retain your Frontline Workforce

Keep your frontline workers engaged.

79% of frontline employees say a lack of career advancement is the #1 factor that would motivate them to leave their employer. Keep your workforce engaged and invested by helping them identify transferrable skills and develop new capabilities.

Retaining your frontline workforce makes business sense.


saved per worker retained per year

9-12 month

increase in frontline worker retention with Pathstream

Help employees see their future with you.

Employees who know they are on a defined career path upward are more likely to stay at their company. With Pathstream’s career mapping tool, frontline workers can learn about multiple career path options and choose to pursue the one that’s right for them.

Invest in your frontline workers’ skill development.

When employees are actively pursuing certificates and further education through their company, they stay at their company. By investing in your frontline employees’ skill development, you can show them that you value them while improving the overall skill readiness of your workforce.

Provide career coaching and support.

Ensure your frontline workers feel connected to and supported by your company with 1:1 career coaching and support. Through coaching, employees will begin to realize their own potential and start proactively investing in their future at your company.

Pathstream is the frontline career mobility platform that transforms today’s essential workers into tomorrow’s future-ready talent.

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