Educational benefits are rapidly becoming one of the most sought-after ways to increase employee retention and morale. But why offer Salesforce education to your employees? There are a few reasons we’ll cover below. 

1. It shows your employees that your business has internal growth opportunities. 

In the wake of the Great Resignation, it’s crucial that organizations heavily invest in career development. Last year, the job market’s unprecedented shift made mobility opportunities a priority for many workers. Professionals are now almost eight times more likely to leave a job where they feel they are stagnating. This means it’s essential that employers show their employees a path to advancement, whether that means asking workers where they want to be in a year or offering them an educational benefit like a Salesforce education program. 

2. CRMs like Salesforce are essential to remote teams.

A 2020 report from Gartner showed that 74% of the CFOs interviewed indicated that they would shift more in-person roles to the remote due to the pandemic. According to another report, the number of remote positions continues to increase and currently, 53% of the United States workforce is remote or partially remote. This spike in virtual office models means that teams must quickly adapt to meeting virtually. Remote Sales, Marketing, and Delivery teams can use a unified CRM to focus more on delivering business value than jumping from system to system. Offering an educational benefit like Salesforce training to acclimate those departments to the platform is just one way to adapt your business to the rapidly growing remote work environment. 

3. Salesforce education isn’t only for your Sales team.  

One of the most compelling reasons to implement a Salesforce education program is that the more people in your organization are familiar with it, the easier it will be for your teams to work cross-functionally. If your Sales team already uses Salesforce, having employees from other departments who understand the software will streamline various operations in your organization. A Salesforce education program available to your entire workforce will open your organization up to more internal hiring opportunities (which will cut hiring costs) and break down the communication barriers between departments. Everyone operating from the same software baseline reduces confusion and promotes clarity. 

If your business is looking to improve employee morale, worker retention, and productivity, it’s worth examining the possibility of offering Salesforce education training as part of your company’s benefits. Contact us to team up with Pathstream to offer a Salesforce training program.

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