Learn more about the fastest-growing career fields and most in-demand skills with Pathstream’s CEO and Head of Career Services.

The economy is changing at a rapid pace. Accelerated by changes fueled by the pandemic and our economic recovery, more and more jobs are requiring digital skills.

Hear from Eleanor Cooper, Pathstream’s CEO, and Amy Ahearn, Pathstream’s Head of Career Services, to learn more about the fastest-growing career fields and the most in-demand skills employers are looking for in 2021.

You’ll gain practical tips about how to feature these in-demand skills on your resume, build a compelling digital portfolio, and get ready for new types of interviews and trial tasks that more employers are using to find candidates ready for the future of work.

At Pathstream, our mission is to prepare students of all ages for high-demand, digital skills careers.

Our programs include:
The Tableau Data and Business Analytics Certificate
The Salesforce Administrator Career Certificate
The Facebook Digital Marketing Certificate
The Asana Project Management Certificate

Learn more about our 100% online programs here.

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