How William Guevara, a Pathstream student learned 3 new data tools and landed a business analyst job earning $20k more than his previous role.

Before William began the Tableau Data Analytics program, he was a junior business analyst at a construction consulting company where the strongest tool in his toolkit was Excel. Using Excel ignited his passion for data and showed him the value of learning data analysis for his career growth. However, after a couple of years in his role as a junior business analyst, he began to realize that he needed to expand his technical skillset in order to stay competitive in the job market. While he had a lot of experience with Excel, he had minimal exposure to SQL and data visualization tools like Tableau which are increasingly valuable in his field of data analytics.

I started looking at how to progress in my career, and then I saw that you need to know SQL, you need Tableau, you need the fundamentals, like Python, and you need all the different data visualization tools.

He set his intentions on finding a program that empowered him to progress in his career, master new tools beyond Excel, and is able to apply his learnings in a real-world, job-relevant way. Committed to leveling up, he enrolled in the NYU Tableau Data Analytics Certificate Program.

William took his time in the data analytics program extremely seriously, diligently completing each project and applying business knowledge to each data problem he solved in his coursework. While he was already familiar with some of the tools taught, like Excel, he got to expand his technical skillset with SQL and Tableau, as well as explore more about the soft skills involved with data analytics roles, like stakeholder management and how to tell stories with data.

Not only did William stay focused and committed throughout the courses, but he also leaned on Pathstream’s Career Services and his assigned career coach to help him structure his job search, prepare for interviews, and master take-home assessments.

The career coach that I had was extremely helpful. She gave me materials to help with take-home assessments and she taught me how to go over them. She was always readily available to me. In the end I had four different job offers and I was able to talk with her about it to figure out what would be best for me.

With four job offers on the table, all offering a higher salary than his role at the time, William was able to evaluate which would best suit him and his career goals. Eventually, he accepted a business analyst position at a healthcare company; he is the first business analyst in his department and now earns $20k more than his salary at his previous company. He’s excited to explore business analytics in a new industry and apply his skills, tools, and learnings from the certificate program in his new role.

His advice for folks considering Pathstream’s Tableau program?

Take advantage of the courses and career services and everything else that Pathstream offers. You could be given the tools to be successful, but you really have to want to acquire the skills in order to see success. And just make sure you’re constantly applying to jobs and coming into your career coaching meetings prepared with questions to make the most of your time in the program.

Learn more about the Tableau Data Analytics Certificate program here!

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