How upskilling got Ralph Body a promotion to a project manager role at Pearson Education

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Ralph Body worked in project management roles within the food and beverage industry before being laid off shortly before the pandemic. This unexpected setback gave him the opportunity to reassess his career path and set his sights on a future in project management.

“I was laid off right before the pandemic. It gave me a chance to rethink what I wanted to do professionally. I wanted to learn more about the specific tools project managers use and have a stronger foundation in project management. My ultimate goal was to become a project manager.” 


Weighing his options

Ralph knew that transitioning into a Project Manager role would require formal training and hands-on software experience. After researching different education options, Ralph discovered Pathstream, which perfectly aligned with his budget and would prepare him for a career in project management. 

One standout feature was the program’s recommended schedule, which perfectly balances structure and flexibility. Unlike programs with rigid deadlines, Pathstream allowed Ralph to manage his time effectively and avoid overwhelming workloads. 

“I could spread out the work and didn’t feel overwhelmed. It was flexibly-paced, and I could create my learning schedule. Being able to balance working and learning was important for me.”

However, it was the comprehensive career services provided by Pathstream that truly convinced Ralph to proceed with the program. The promise of post-program job support, including invaluable resources like resume reviews, mock interviews, and expert guidance from counselors, reassured Ralph that his learning experience would extend well beyond the educational phase.



Leveraging new project management skills for a promotion

The Pathstream program equipped Ralph with theoretical knowledge and practical tools essential for a career in project management. Reflecting on his experience, Ralph acknowledged the program’s significant contribution to understanding project management terminologies and tools. 

He said, “Thanks to Pathstream, I gained all the necessary book knowledge to navigate the diverse tools and processes available in project management.”

Armed with the skills acquired from Pathstream, Ralph’s career trajectory took a remarkable leap as he secured a promotion. He was offered a project management position with Pearson Education. Ralph attributed his success to the comprehensive preparation he received from Pathstream. 

“After taking the Asana Project Management Certificate, I understood project management terminologies and tools comprehensively. The knowledge gained allowed me to confidently navigate the intricacies of project charters, stakeholder management, and critical path analysis. I am applying these skills in my current role, ensuring that projects flow seamlessly towards success.”

He emphasized the seamless transition from the mock interviews during the program to the actual interview at Pearson, stating, 

“The questions that arose during the Pearson interview were remarkably similar to those brought up during the Pathstream mock interviews. It felt like second nature for me to respond confidently and accurately.”


Continuing growth at Pearson

Currently thriving as a project manager at Pearson Education and managing a team of 12,  he is determined to grow within his current company by honing his leadership skills. He aspires to oversee a team of project managers, drawing inspiration from his current boss’s role. 

Additionally, Ralph plans to deepen his expertise in Agile project management, aiming to obtain the Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) certification. By pursuing these goals, Ralph positions himself as a versatile project manager, ready to navigate complexities and seize future career opportunities.

Ready to follow in Ralph’s footsteps and accelerate your career in project management? Explore Pathstream’s comprehensive programs today and unlock your full potential.


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