A new beginning

Lydia Cotton, a dedicated educator for seven years, was keen to explore new career horizons. She transitioned into a customer service management role but soon recognized it wasn’t the right fit for her ambitions. 

Wanting to utilize her skills differently, she considered a fresh career path. “I began to think about what skills I enjoyed in both my educator and customer service management roles,” she explained. “I love process-oriented work and step-by-step strategies. It’s from my years as a math teacher.”

Lydia’s affinity for process-oriented work led her to look into project management


Investing in professional growth with Pathstream

Investing in herself was paramount to Lydia. She was determined to understand the process and intricacies of project management fully. Lydia sought a comprehensive and flexible online certificate program to complement her busy professional life and empower her career transition. Among the various options, Pathstream emerged as Lydia’s choice. 

“To smoothly transition into project management, I knew that investing in myself and grasping agile methodologies in depth was critical,” Lydia noted. “The Texas A&M Asana Project Management Certificate didn’t just cover the basics of project management; it also included Pathstream’s exceptional job support—something missing from other online certificates.”


Embracing flexible-paced online learning 

Lydia was juggling a full-time job and learning. The freedom to control her learning pace and the personalized feedback from instructors greatly enhanced her educational journey.

“The flexible pacing let me dedicate a few hours each day to the program without disrupting my work,” Lydia said, “In addition, the instructors were consistently accessible, making the learning experience more dynamic and interactive.”


Gaining new skills and confidence

Although Lydia’s past roles had incorporated elements of project management, Pathstream introduced her to specific tools and terminologies vital to the field. From formulating a project charter to discerning a project’s critical path, she gained an encompassing understanding of project management.

“I learned about the unique tools project managers employ in their daily tasks,” she reflected. “This new knowledge strengthened my confidence to step into my new role as a project manager at Alliant Group.”


Pathstream’s Career Coaching: A game-changer

The support she received from Pathstream’s career coaches was instrumental in her career transition. When she started crafting her resume, a career coach helped Lydia realize how her skills transferred into a new project management role. Rachel’s tips improved Lydia’s confidence, helping her shine in job applications and interviews.

“Rachel [Pathstream career coach] did a good job of highlighting my relevant skills and translating their relevance to my new role,” Lydia said. “Thanks to Rachel, I no longer doubted myself. I knew I could be a project manager.” 

Furthermore, Lydia appreciated the practical guidance career services provided, from examples of ‘how to reach out to potential employers to templates for negotiating job offers, ultimately leading her to secure a higher salary than initially offered.

“My experience with Rachel Sparks from Pathstream was a ’10 out of 10′,” Lydia praised, emphasizing the career services’ pivotal role in her journey.


A Worthwhile investment

Reflecting on her experience with the Texas A&M University Asana Project Management Certificate, Lydia affirmed the value of her investment in Pathstream’s program. 

“I recognized I can do this; anyone who wants to build a better career can do this. It’s not about being paid more; it’s about recognizing your true worth. The certificate program showed me I am a force to be reckoned with.” 

Lydia’s experience with Pathstream was a journey of exploration, growth, and triumph. She transitioned smoothly into a rewarding career in project management by capitalizing on her experience and cultivating new skills.


Learning new skills with Texas A&M University and Pathstream 

Are you ready to write your success story like Lydia? Take control of your career with the Texas A&M Asana Project Management Certificate Program powered by Pathstream. 

Empower your future and start your transformative journey today.


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