Student success story: Lauren Scully

Lauren Scully

Lauren Scully worked with data throughout her career, collecting it and preparing recommendations based on the insights she built. However, it wasn’t until February 2021 that she decided to invest in further developing her data analytics skills

“I enjoyed working with data in my joband realized that a data analyst career was promising after doing some research. There were many opportunities available in the field and room for growth. But I needed to equip myself with the technical skills and didn’t want to enroll in graduate school because of the cost. Instead, I came across Pathstream. I liked that the programs were through the University of Tennessee and NYU because it added credibility and helped me stand out to potential employers.” 

She enrolled in the Tableau Data Analytics Certificate Program. After starting the data program, Lauren’s employer began to use Salesforce. She decided to also enroll in the Pathstream Salesforce Administrator Career Certificate with NYU to build upon her Salesforce skills. 

“I took the data program during the height of the pandemic. I devoted myself to learning. I enjoyed the coursework and structure of the program. It also gave me a meaningful goal to work towards because there was so little to do outside of work.” 

Lauren took advantage of her employer’s professional development program to cover the certificates’ costs. Her employer reimbursed her for most of her tuition expenses once she completed each program. After enrolling, she found both programs offered an extensive support system to students. 

“My Salesforce instructor was great and became a mentor. He was accommodating during office hours, helping me with any issues or questions. However, what stood out was his support of me during the job search. He always made himself available to discuss Salesforce job opportunities, what to look for, and information on the industry. I appreciated this.” 

Lauren also worked with Pathstream’s career services.

“I wanted to get started on my career goals and worked with a Pathstream career coach. My coach was my biggest advocate on this journey. They helped me build the confidence I needed to prepare for what was to come ahead. They were honest about the process, and I listened to their advice. I put in the effort and time to improve my resume, practice mock interviews, and learn more about the Data and Salesforce job markets. You must trust the process because applying to countless job postings can discourage you. All of the preparation and effort pays off in the end.” 

After two months, Lauren received two competitive job offers. She weighed the pros and cons carefully, which is equally important when you want to build a career you love. Her decision came down to opportunity and work schedule. Lauren opted for a hybrid schedule at an organization with a strong culture to engage with her coworkers and feel a sense of community. 

“Both programs equipped me with the skills I need to excel at my job. I use SQL every day, which I learned in the second course in the program. I also overcame a challenge early on because I understand process automation and workflow from the Salesforce program. My strong foundation in data and Salesforce combined with my technical skills helped me catch on quickly.” 

Lauren’s final piece of advice for students:

“If you’re already enrolled, utilize all the support available. Establish a relationship with career services early on. They will help you define your goals and build your confidence. Review the recommended schedules provided by success coaches weekly; it will help you stay on track and avoid procrastination.”


“If you’re not enrolled, don’t be afraid. Even if you’re not technically savvy, developing technical skills is important. Pathstream’s programs will help equip you with those skills at any age. The more current your skillset is, the more marketable you are. You don’t need to enroll in graduate school to learn these skills. A certificate program is a perfect solution, and it will save you time and money.”

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