Jean Luc wanted to upskill and enrolled in the Harvard Digital Marketing Certificate to learn how to use new technologies to promote products and services. 

Jean Luc Juste has a Bachelor’s in marketing and previously worked for Publigestion, a marketing agency in Haiti. Jean Luc knew marketing was rapidly evolving and took Harvard’s Digital Marketing Certificate Program to upskill

“I have a traditional marketing education and experience. I wanted to learn how to use new digital marketing channels and technologies to promote products and services. I chose Pathstream because of its partnership with Harvard and your students’ excellent reviews of the Harvard Digital Marketing Certificate Program. I also liked how you engaged with your students and alumni on social media.” 

Jean Luc’s favorite parts of the program were “…the second and third courses. I learned a lot about using social media to generate sales for a business and build brand awareness. I also liked learning about google analytics and Facebook Ads Manager, but the social media lessons and A/B test were the most interesting.” 

Towards the end of the program, Jean Luc worked with our career coach team to map out his career goals

“My goal was to build up my digital marketing experience, and Pathstream’s career coaches helped me by introducing me to their hiring partner, Handshake. After creating my profile on Handshake, I got a data analytics and social media internship with the National STEM Honor Society. This opportunity is great because it lets me start to use my new skills. I create content for social media, do A/B testing, and perform marketing data analysis. The latter is very important because businesses are looking to learn more about how marketing is performing and selling their services or product. I like to extract insights from the data and share them with our stakeholders. I also get to use project management platforms like Trello. So overall, the experience has been good, and I am excited to see what else I can work on.” 

In addition to his internship, Jean Luc runs his own digital marketing company MotionUp. “I also have a small business where I help businesses grow by using and managing their digital channels. I’ve been applying a lot of my new skills there as well. We create content for social media, build email campaigns, improve a company’s SEO and perform marketing data analysis. Learning these skills has changed the course of my own business.”

Jean Luc’s final piece of advice:

“If you want career growth and more opportunities in your current job or elsewhere, believe in yourself and find out what it takes to achieve your goals. Pathstream taught me the fundamentals of digital marketing and supported me in navigating my career. Whether you are interested in becoming a data analyst, Salesforce admin, project manager, or digital marketer, they will help you prepare and get into that role.” 

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