Student success story: Hillary Fenton

In a seamless transition from healthcare to tech, Hillary Fenton’s determination and strategic approach to upskilling and job searching led her to secure a coveted Salesforce position with Calix. 


From Healthcare to Salesforce Support Specialist

Moving from healthcare to Salesforce was more than just a career change for Hillary. It was a conscious decision driven not just by the competitive salary in the field but more so by the values that mattered to her most in a job.

“I wanted to secure a job that offered flexibility, remote working opportunities, a good company culture, and potential for advancement—elements I consider key to my job satisfaction.” 


The Journey Begins: Choosing Pathstream’s Salesforce Administrator Certificate Program

Hillary always knew she had an interest in technology. She first encountered Salesforce during a health tech startup stint. While initially intimidated by the seemingly complex system, she began to play around with the CRM platform, and it piqued her interest to learn more.

After some research and consideration, Hillary found a partner in Pathstream for her learning journey. With its hands-on, project-based curriculum, Pathstream’s Salesforce Administrator Certificate Program was the ideal choice. 

“I think that the Pathstream curriculum is very hands-on and project-based. So you get that real-world experience you need to hone your Salesforce skills,” she remarked. In Pathstream, Hillary found a path that could help her set the stage for the significant career shift she had in mind.


From Learner to Professional: Leveraging Pathstream’s community resources

Pathstream’s Salesforce program also offered Hillary a community. The real-world projects and opportunities to network with peers and instructors proved invaluable. 

She formed a study group with some learners in her cohort, which later evolved into a circle of friends and professional confidants who shared tips, support, and advice on everything from job searching to salary negotiation. “We were quite open with each other about offers, compensation, benefits,” Hillary said, highlighting the supportive environment.


Salary Negotiation: Tapping into her new Salesforce network

“The Salesforce community was extremely helpful when I got job offers. I talked to other Salesforce professionals and my study group about competitive salary ranges. Getting their perspectives helped me ensure I was securing a competitive package.” 


Flexibly-Paced Learning with Pathstream

As a working mom, Hillary appreciated the balance and flexibility offered by Pathstream’s learning model. It gave her the autonomy to control her learning pace, which suited her busy schedule and individual learning style.

“It was nice not to be so stressed about it or losing sleep… as a working mom, this was important for me,” Hillary shared. When life got hectic or unexpected obligations arose, she could rest easy knowing her education wouldn’t suffer. The pressure was off, replaced by a clear understanding that progress was attainable on her own terms.


She also emphasized the unique blend of self-learning and guided instruction within Pathstream’s curriculum. “The program allows you to follow the content, work directly in Trailhead, and, importantly, the instructors hold you accountable. It’s the perfect mix that accommodated my learning style and work schedule.” 


Conclusion: The Pathstream Advantage

Hillary’s story is a testament to the power of education, strategic career moves, and the right support network. 

The comprehensive training Pathstream’s Salesforce Administrator Certificate Program provided, coupled with an environment that encouraged the real-world application of knowledge and fostered supportive networks, was instrumental in this transition. 

Hillary didn’t get just a job but a fulfilling career in the dynamic Salesforce realm—a testament to the efficacy of the Pathstream learning experience.

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