Brienne Wong is a compassionate storyteller working in tech. But before she pivoted industries, she worked in a museum and researched ways to get into tech as a digital marketer. 

“I knew I wanted to work in tech, and I found Pathstream’s Digital Marketing Certificate. It was free for me through the Code Tenderloin partnership. The program helped me build an excellent foundation for marketing. Before enrolling, I took some self-paced courses, but Pathstream’s program gave me a better understanding of marketing concepts, and I wasn’t left alone to figure it out. I had tons of support and feedback from my instructor.” 

One of Brienne’s favorite parts of the program was the online labs. She said, “I really enjoyed working on our projects. I got to apply what I learned in the course to actual projects featuring well-known brands. I used Sephora for my foundations in marketing and All Trails for my social media project. As a result, I could showcase my skills and experience through the projects for my portfolios.” 

Brienne also worked closely with Pathstream career coaches to navigate the next chapter of her career journey. 

“Transitioning careers can be challenging, but the career coaches were supportive and positive during the process. They taught me to sell my new digital marketing skills, translate my previous experience, and tell my story during interviews for digital marketing roles. I received valuable advice from my career coach about what steps to take after I completed my certificate. The career coaches supported me throughout the career transition process and encouraged me to keep going.” 

Brienne is now a customer education content writer for zeroheight.

“We are a B2B SaaS company, and I am so happy to be here. The company culture is phenomenal, and the leadership team works hard to promote togetherness. I feel close to my coworkers and lucky to have ended up at such a great place. It’s important to work for a company that shows it values its employees.”

Brienne has worked at zeroheight for 7 months. She applies her digital marketing skills in her current role in multiple ways. She collaborates with cross-functional teams to understand user needs. She writes help center articles that help the customers use the platform. She also writes original content tailored to the company’s audience (UX designers and front-end developers) to expand their knowledge of design systems.

Brienne’s final advice:

“If you feel scared, enroll anyway. I jumped into this headfirst and didn’t regret it. There are tons of resources and support to guide you to the right career path for you.” 

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