Bria started her career as a coordinator. After four years, she decided to pursue a career in data analytics. She knew she wanted to continue working in finance but transition to a more technical role. 

Before finding her way to Pathstream, she started looking into the industry and tapped her professional network to connect with someone in data analytics. It took time, and there was a point where she was feeling stuck, but eventually, she met one of her mentors during an informational interview. 

Finding the Right Path: How Bria Discovered Pathstream’s Tableau Program? 

“After speaking with someone who worked in the industry, I realized I needed to learn the right data analysis skills to become an analyst. He introduced me to platforms such as Tableau and Python, giving me brief tutorials on how they work. But ultimately, he recommended that I take a class to teach me how to use the software I need in my new career.” 

After researching, Bria found the NYU Tableau Data Analytics Certificate Program through Pathstream. 

“I discovered the Tableau Certificate Program and was intrigued by the comprehensive syllabus. The breadth and depth of knowledge offered by the program were quite impressive. However, Pathstream’s commitment to holistic career development swayed my decision to enroll. They offered technical learning and assistance with career planning and goal setting. Given the complexities of transitioning within my company, the prospect of having expert career coach guidance proved invaluable.”

Balancing Work and Learning: How Pathstream Helps Working Professionals 

At the time, Bria worked full-time and struggled to balance everything. But, she prioritized the program and took advantage of the excellent support system Pathstream offers. 

“Pathstream programs are built for working professionals. I found the support from my professor invaluable; they readily allocated time beyond the regular program hours to address any questions or concerns. Furthermore, the success coaches were pivotal in my learning journey, providing me with recommended schedules and tools to stay focused and on track.” 

From Pathstream to Career: How Career Services Helped Bria Get a Financial Analyst Role 

As Bria approached graduation, she began to work closely with our Career Services team. The team tightened her resume and helped her identify transferable skills to showcase. 

Bria transitioned to a Financial Products & Analytics Sales Associate role at Bloomberg. 

Her final advice to prospective students:

“When I started this journey, I was insecure; I didn’t have the skills or background to make a huge career change. The knowledge and skills I gained and the career guidance from my coach helped me be more assertive, direct, and credible. Ultimately, I felt confident that I could make a career transition. Take the risk, tap into your networks, look at your company’s job descriptions, and identify the skills you lack. Enrolling in a certificate program can expedite the acquisition of new tech skills, paving the way for the career you want.”


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