Employer tuition reimbursement or tuition assistance programs vary depending on the company. They can be a great benefit to take advantage of to help cover the costs of continuing education like Pathstream certificate programs. 

To further support our students and encourage them to take advantage of these benefits, we offer an Employer Deferred Tuition Plan. 

What is an employer deferred tuition plan? 

An Employer Deferred Tuition Plan is a payment plan designed for students whose employers offer tuition assistance or reimbursement. This plan allows for you to get up to $1000 off of the upfront cost you pay each month, while you secure reimbursement from your employer. Once you secure reimbursement – you simply pay us back the deferred tuition you used.

Do I have to pay any of the certificate costs upfront?

Yes, cover the upfront cost of the program until your employer distributes your tuition reimbursement. We will defer up to $1,000 in tuition deferral when you enroll, which significantly lowers your monthly payments until your employer distributes or pays for the tuition. The $1000 deferred tuition is not due until your employer confirms they will pay for the tuition.

Will Pathstream reach out to my employer directly, or should I? 

You contact your employer directly, but we are happy to provide you with helpful information, such as an invoice and itemized statement, as well as talking points to make this request. Feel free to reach out to [email protected] for more information. 

How do I get my employer to cover my tuition?

  • Learn about your employer’s education or professional development policies. Many employers offer up to $5,250 per employee per year because they can deduct this from their payroll taxes. If you’re not sure what questions to ask, check out our blog: 8 Employer tuition assistance questions to ask
  • Talk to your manager. Explain what you’ll learn and how it will be relevant to your job. Make a case for how what you will learn will help you take on new responsibilities in your current position or grow into a new role your company needs filled. If you want a copy of the program syllabus to help you explain what will be covered, email [email protected] and we’re happy to send you one.
  • Find the right certificate program for you. Purchase a certificate program; you can click on the program that best suits you above to get started.
  • Assemble your documentation: Pathstream and our university partners can help you assemble the documents your employer might need, including an invoice and a syllabus. 
  • Have more questions about how to apply? Reach out to our team at [email protected] with questions!

What are some talking points I can use to request tuition reimbursement?

Before scheduling a time to discuss tuition reimbursement with your manager or supervisor, review your employer’s tuition reimbursement or assistance policy. Find out what your employer will cover and plan how to handle the other expenses before enrolling. 

How to make a pitch to your manager or supervisor: 

  • “The [Certificate] has taught me skills directly relevant to my job or another job in the company.” Share a copy of the program syllabus and explain how the different skills you learned and the projects you completed directly contribute to accomplishing key business objectives.
  • “The program is offered by [University] and can count for college credit towards a degree.” Your employer might require a program to fulfill a college credit. 
  • “The program meets all requirements outlined in our tuition assistance/ reimbursement/professional development policy or another funding source.” Companies offer a wide range of benefits, including stipends to attend conferences. If you aren’t using them, you can consider requesting that your employee reallocate these funds to pay for tuition in an eligible learning program instead.

What happens if my employer denies my request?

If your employer denies your request and you’ve already paid for a percentage of the program, please provide proof of the denial to [email protected]. Once this proof is received, we will waive the deferred tuition balance due. 

You may be responsible for the remaining deferred tuition due if this proof is not provided. 

We recommend you discuss the Employer Deferred Tuition Plan with your employer before purchasing a certificate program. 

How can the payments for the deferred tuition be made?

You can make payments one of three ways:

Option 1: If your employer covers the total cost of tuition and sends the funds directly to Pathstream, we refund you any payments you made for the program back to your card on file. 

Option 2: If your employer can only pay a portion of the amount due, we would either amend your remaining balance due or refund any payment overages you made back to your card, if applicable. 

Option 3: You also have the option to collect the funds from your employer directly and pay the remaining deferred tuition balance directly to Pathstream.

What are the payment methods my employer can use to make the payment?

Your employer can pay via check, ACH/wire transfer, or credit/debit card (if you paid through Recurly). 

Reach out to [email protected] to receive the needed information based on the payment type chosen. 

What if my employer needs my grades or confirmation of program completion to approve my request?

Contact [email protected] to request your grades. 

Will I receive my certificate if my employer doesn’t cover the deferred tuition?

As long as your account is not past due when the Certificates are issued, you will receive your Certificate. 

Will my employer be responsible for paying the deferred tuition balance if I withdraw from the program?

If you withdraw from Pathstream’s programs within 3 days, your employer will not be responsible for the cost of the program. 


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