Are you looking to transition to a new role at work? You may want to move from a Sales Ops Specialist to a Salesforce Admin role. But in your busy life, how will you find the time to learn new skills or master different software to even apply to it? 

Many of our learners also have this concern. Time management is a key issue for busy professionals looking to upskill to advance in their careers. 

Well, we’ve got you covered. Below, Pathstream Success Coaches share time management tips to carve out time to learn online and successfully complete your program. 


 7 Time Management Tips 

  1. Make the program a priority before you begin. Remember, online courses are time-bound, and making a small sacrifice for a short period can yield excellent outcomes. 
  2. Fill in your calendar with all your existing responsibilities. If the certificate program you’re looking to enroll in is four months long, do your best to add all your appointments, work hours, vacations, childcare, etc. This exercise aims to uncover how much time you have available to devote to learning. It also allows you to change your schedule to accommodate the online certificate program. 
  3. Make a study plan. Now that you know how much time you have on hand, notice how many hours per week are recommended to complete the course. Then use Google calendar or a paper calendar to fill in when those blocks of learning time will happen. 
  4. Write specific goals for that learning block, such as completing a project or course section. You’ll feel more motivated and focused as you achieve these small goals in your learning session. 
  5. Find an accountability buddy. It can be hard to stay motivated, and sometimes you feel exhausted or defeated. Enlisting the help of a coworker, friend, or family member to be your accountability buddy can help you stay on track and motivated. They can text you weekly affirmations or have coffee with them when you need to decompress. 
  6. Take the course with a coworker. Sometimes companies introduce new technology. Employees want to learn the right skills to use this new software. Enrolling in a program with a coworker makes you no longer feel alone. It’s another way to keep yourself accountable, and it always helps to troubleshoot with friends. 
  7. Remove distractions. Find a quiet learning space, such as your kitchen corner or a spare bedroom. Try to turn off your cell phone, don’t watch TV, and silence your emails when you’re in that space. Let everyone you live with know that it’s designated as your study space. 

With these new time management strategies, you’re ready to learn!

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