5 Easy career resolutions you’ll keep

career resolutions

As another year comes to an end, it’s time to look forward to the next one. For many people that means coming up with resolutions or setting new career goals. But for most, those resolutions are long forgotten by March.

Resolutions are a great way for us to actively set ourselves up for success, but we tend to set broad goals for ourselves that are hard to measure. Change that this year by looking back on 2021 and reflecting on your accomplishments. Be proud of your wins and forgive yourself for the losses.

Write down realistic resolutions that can be measured so that you can actually track your progress. Set aside time throughout the year to review your progress and troubleshoot. You’ll thank yourself for it the following year. But, if you’re still struggling, check out a few easy career resolution examples that you’ll be sure to keep: 

Refresh your resume

When was the last time you looked at your resume? Was it the last time you applied for a job? Make your first goal this year to update your resume, regardless of if you are job searching or happily employed.

How and why? Set aside an hour–schedule it onto your calendar–to research your field and explore tips on how to improve your resume. Then review your resume and update it to showcase your new accomplishments and skills. Taking the time to do this will also help you identify areas for improvement and better plan out your career goals.

Track your achievements 

We spend too much time criticizing ourselves for not achieving all of our goals on time, but it’s time for you to kick this bad habit by making a promise to keep track of your achievements.

How and why? There are countless resources to keep tally of your accomplishments such as notebooks or excel spreadsheets dedicated to tracking your progress. First, figure out where you want to store proof of your achievements and professional activities. Then carve out time each month to record them. Next time you want a raise or promotion, you’ll thank yourself for organizing evidence of your accomplishments.

Learn a new digital skill 

Your career resolutions should always aim to strengthen your skills, but consider this: 38% of employers are recruiting new hires with digital skills today, making candidates with those skills some of the most in-demand. According to McKinsey & Company, 80% of jobs will require these in-demand skills in 2030.

Digital literacy skills are the currency you need to score new opportunities in the future. The good news is that you don’t need to go back to college to become digitally literate.

How and why? No matter what field you are in, there are plenty of skills you can learn that will benefit your career. Set a resolution for 2022 or even 2023 to research in-demand digital skills and identify which skills would best complement your career. Then look for programs that can help you master these skills.

Expand your professional network

Networking gets a bad rap and that’s because we think it means calling everyone you know to get a job or meeting with other professionals to humblebrag. But successful networkers are not egocentric. They show sincere interest in developing professional relationships to share information with, learn from, and establish their credibility.

How? You meet people all the time, virtually and in person, so take the time to be present and listen to them. Grab their contact information and connect with them again for coffee or over zoom. Set a realistic annual goal for yourself and don’t over-promise by trying to meet a new person each month. These sessions are about building your networking skills and growing your network, so take your time.

Check out more resources:

Strive for a better work-life balance

This one is a little different and harder to measure, but equally important. We are living in a fast-paced world and it’s hard to find the right work-life balance. But being successful at work requires you to be happy at home.

How? Block out time for yourself and set boundaries at work. For example, don’t check your emails after hours or if your employer incorporates flexible work schedules, take a walk during the workday. At Pathstream, we meditate on Thursdays, it’s optional, but taking 30 minutes to shut out the noise can shift your energy and improve your productivity.

Remember resolutions don’t need to be overly complicated. You just need to set some that will have a positive impact on your career and inspire you to do your best.

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