Closing the Manager Gap

Your guide to cultivating high-performance leaders

Managerial support


75% of employees place significant importance on managerial support

More responsibilities


Managers are tasked with handling 51% more responsibilities than they can possibly handle

Skill gap


87% of executives and managers say their organizations will face a skills gap in the coming years

Being a manager in the modern workplace has become, well, unmanageable. Most first-time managers fit the player-coach model: they’re top performers who are learning how to manage a team for the very first time. Unfortunately, this often means there’s a gap between what new managers are expected to do and what they actually can do. 

In this free ebook, we’ll take a closer look at challenges modern managers are facing and share tips on how to overcome them. We’ll also provide some actionable strategies for delivering training, skills, and support to your teams.

In this ebook, you’ll learn how to: 

  • Build a foundation for higher performance
  • Deliver meaningful training and upskilling opportunities
  • Empower your managers to thrive in their roles
  • Create a workplace that thrives on shared success
  • And more

Sara W. | Manager, Member Services

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