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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

What is Pathstream?

Pathstream is a career mobility platform. We partner with your employer to help you identify new career opportunities at your company and gain the skills needed to succeed in your current role and pursue new internal opportunities. Our goal is to give you all the tools and support you need to build your future career.

How do I contact Pathstream?

We’re happy to help! Use the chat function on the platform to submit a question directly to our Help team. We look forward to speaking with you!

I cannot log in. Who should I contact?

You should be able to gain access to the Pathstream platform by entering your corporate email address. You will receive an email containing instructions to activate your account and create a password.  If that does not work, or you have not received an activation email, please reach out to us at [email protected].

Why do I need to answer questions about my work preferences?

We ask you a brief series of questions about your work preferences before recommending career pathways to you. This helps us understand how you like to work. We will also have information on your current job title and role from your employer and will use this information to suggest transferable skills you have that could be relevant to new internal roles. You will have a chance to validate and discuss these with your Career Coach before finalizing your internal career path selection but having this information gathered from you is a helpful starting point! Nothing you share will be used to disqualify you from job opportunities.

Will answers to these questions be shared with my employer?

Your employer will have access to aggregated data comprised of responses from you and your colleagues, while your individual responses will remain confidential. This data will help Pathstream and your company ensure that the pathways we are highlighting are those that closely match your interests and experience.

Meeting a Career Coach

Is it mandatory to speak to a career coach?

Speaking with a career coach is highly recommended. You can schedule an  appointment with a coach at a time that works for your schedule. The call will be done by video conference (Zoom). You will have a chance to share more about your past work history, career goals, and work preferences. Your coach will help you identify relevant transferable skills and discuss a career pathway that will be exciting and fulfilling for you. They can help you find learning resources or certificate programs that can help you gain new skills.

Who is my career coach?

Career coaches are skilled professionals from Pathstream who have helped hundreds of employees reach their career goals. Many of our coaches have backgrounds in education, counseling, and recruiting. They have worked with people from all backgrounds to help them identify their skills, clarify their goals, and successfully land new jobs. When you sign up for your coaching call, you will see the name of the specific coach you will be meeting with.

What will be covered in the career coaching call?

Your first coaching call will be a chance to share more about yourself, your work history, and your career goals. Your career coach will use this information to identify the skills and interests you have that will make you a good fit for specific career paths internally. Your coach can also help you identify courses and certificate programs that can help you gain new skills and identify next steps to pursue your recommended career path internally.

Where do I meet my career coach?

Your coaching call will be conducted virtually using Zoom video conferencing software. If possible, we recommend joining the call from a laptop or desktop computer.

I did not receive a meeting invitation for the career coaching call. What should I do?

After scheduling a call, you should receive a confirmation email and calendar invitation to your work email account. The invitation should contain a link to join the Zoom call at the appointed time. If you did not receive this invitation, please email [email protected].

Will I be able to talk to my career coach more than once?

Yes. You can schedule a coaching call whenever you need support via the homepage within the Pathstream platform. Once you conduct your first call with your coach, they will schedule subsequent calls with you directly. There will also be specific milestones where your coach will reach out to you to check in on your goals and progress.

When are career coaches available?

Career coaches are available Monday through Friday during working hours.

Understanding My Career Path Options

I have questions about the career pathways that were shown to me. What should I do?

Your career coach will be a great resource for discussing all your questions about potential internal career pathways. They can explain more about what each type of role might will involve and give you information on how your skills and work preferences might translate to these new opportunities. If you don’t see any career paths that look interesting to you, your coach can also help you talk through alternatives. We love questions so please feel free to bring them to your career coaching call. 

I am interested in pursuing this career pathway, but am not ready to sign up for a certificate program. What should I do?

We offer a short, foundational Career Advancement Essentials certificate that is a great starting point. It will equip you with essential skills to help you continue to advance in your current role and get ready for a variety of business experiences. Your career coach will also be able to recommend webinars and other learning resources.

Will I be able to change my mind about my career path once I enroll in a certificate program?

Yes. You should work with your Career Coach to discuss your options if you begin a program and no longer think that the career path is the right one for you. Depending on how much progress you’ve made and what courses you are enrolled in, there might be options to switch to other related pathways that require similar skills.

Enrolling in a Certificate Program

What prerequisites do I need to enroll in a certificate program?

There are no prerequisites required. Our certificates are designed to help those with little or no experience. Many experienced professionals also take these certificates to refine their digital skills. Everyone is welcome! You should have basic computer literacy skills to be successful. We recommend that learners have some experience creating a Google account, using Google Sheets, Google Slides, and Google Docs (or equivalent tools), and doing independent internet research.

What technology and devices do I need to access a certificate program?

All you need is a PC or Mac computer or laptop and a stable internet connection. While you can complete the lessons on most devices including phones and tablets, labs and projects require a PC or Mac laptop or desktop computer. For that reason, you are not able to complete the program with only a phone, iPad/tablet, Chromebook, or Linux machine.

What is the time commitment for the learning program?

You should expect to spend 3-8 hours per week completing coursework. The certificate programs differ in length depending on what career pathway you are pursuing, but most are between 9 and 18 weeks. Please see the details about the certificate programs you are specifically interested in enrolling in via the syllabi provided, or contact [email protected] to request a copy.

What does it cost to enroll?

The program is free to all employees who have eligible tuition assistance funding they would like to apply to their enrollment in this program. The tuition is valued at $5,000 for full certificate programs and $3,500 for the Career Advancement Essentials Certificate.

Will I have to pay the tuition back if I don’t complete the program or leave the company?

In most cases, no, but each company has different policies. Check directly with your employer about the policies specific to your tuition assistance program.

Will I earn a certificate?

All participants who pass all the courses in the program will earn a certificate and digital badge that will itemize the skills you mastered and the projects you completed.

Can I work full-time while enrolled in this program?

Yes, the entire course experience is online and can be completed on your own schedule as long as you work towards the deadlines set in the certificate program. There are no set times or classes when you need to log in. Our programs are designed for working professionals to complete while engaging in their full-time role.

Getting Ready for New Internal Roles

Will these certificate programs ensure I have all the qualifications I need for my next role?

We have worked closely with your company to align the coursework with the requirements needed to qualify for internal jobs. However, there will likely be additional company-specific training and onboarding you will need to complete to master all of the tools, systems and skills required for new jobs. In some cases, some additional outside training may also be required.

Will I be guaranteed a new role at my company if I complete a certificate program?

No. You will gain skills necessary to apply for internal roles but will not be guaranteed to achieve a new position immediately after the completion of a certificate program. In most cases, your company will be carefully tracking the skills you have gained and will be able to notify you when opportunities to apply open up.