Anika Farhan: Catching recruiter’s attention and landing a new Data Analyst role in Healthcare

After earning a healthcare background degree, Anika worked as an Ancillary Services Coordinator for Duly Health. In this role, she worked extensively in Excel, which allowed her to recognize her analytical strengths. This experience sparked her interest in delving deeper into data analytics and building upon her existing knowledge.

That’s when Anika researched available courses and ultimately pursued Pathstream’s Tableau Data Analytics Course. She felt that this program would help to build her technical skills and help position her for advancement.

“I wanted to add more technical skills to my healthcare background and expertise. My goal was to combine my current experience with the information from this new course.”

Tapping into resources and learning with Pathstream

Anika was eager to dive in and start learning but still worked full-time. She was pleasantly surprised by how manageable the course structure was.

“I could work at my own pace and didn’t feel rushed. Even with a full-time job and doing this work on the side, I thought the structure was really good.”

Leveraging available resources

Looking for a new role can feel daunting, but Anika leaned on the support of Pathstream’s career services team and worked closely with them to help her along the way.

“I definitely used the mentors; I worked with three or four of them. They helped me with technical interview questions, brush up on my LinkedIn profile, and curate my resume. I was regularly in touch with them throughout the process and felt like they really helped me prepare for interviews.”

Recruited for a new Healthcare Data Analyst role

After completing the certificate program through Pathstream and working with the career services team, Anika was contacted by a LinkedIn recruiter to apply for a role as a Healthcare Data Analyst. She felt that all of her time spent working with her mentors prepared her to succeed at this moment and land the job.

“Pathstream did a great job getting me ready for my new role. The mentors and career services team were really resourceful.”

Resources that keep giving

Beyond her current role, Anika is thankful to have the career services team to rely on in the future. 

“I’m definitely going to use the career services team again. They’ve been so helpful with correcting my resume, updating my LinkedIn, and introducing me to job sites that I wasn’t aware of before.”


A 5-Star Review

She urges anyone considering the course to go for it.

“Just do it. The price is reasonable, and the time commitment wasn’t bad. It’s a great addition to many backgrounds and for an already established career.”


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