Unlock the potential of your Claims Adjusters.

Your best talent may be in-house. Pathstream can help you attract, retain, and develop top frontline talent who want to build a career in insurance.

You build your business on trust. So do we.

We’re a trusted career mobility partner for 30+ Fortune 500 companies.

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Build career paths that keep your frontline workers engaged.

We work with frontline insurance talent including claims representatives, claims adjusters, direct sales representatives, and other customer-facing employees to chart a future at your company, keeping them engaged and motivated to grow.

Equip frontline workers with digital skills your business needs.

The insurance world is rapidly becoming digital-first. Our programs teach skills in data analytics, data visualization, customer relationship management, digital marketing, agile project management and more to meet the specific needs of a rapidly evolving industry.

Insurance career paths graphic

Invest in creating diverse talent pipelines.

Your frontline workforce is a source of some of your company’s most diverse talent. By building clear pathways up for diverse talent, you can ensure your future leadership team not only deeply understands insurance, but also deeply understands your customers.

Meet Ren.

From File Clerk to Business Intelligence Analyst

Ren B. started his career as a clerk for a legacy insurance company, overseeing a file room. He worked in assorted frontline roles in insurance for the last 10 years before finding a company he felt really invested in his growth and advancement. After taking the Pathstream Data Analytics program, he was promoted to Business Intelligence Analyst and is now contributing to an Intelligent Quoting system at his company.

It can be 10x more expensive to replace a worker who leaves than to upskill a current insurance worker who has useful context and industry knowledge.

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