Banking Solutions

Unlock the potential of your Bank Tellers.

Your best talent may be in-house. Pathstream can help you attract, retain, and develop your best tellers, customer service reps, and other branch staff who want to build a career in banking.

You build your business on trust. So do we.

We’re a trusted career mobility partner for 30+ Fortune 500 companies.

Build career paths that keep your frontline workers engaged.

We work with frontline banking talent including customer service representatives, bank tellers, and other customer-facing employees to chart a future at your company, keeping them engaged and motivated to grow.

Equip frontline workers with digital skills your business needs.

The future of banking is digital-first. Our programs teach skills in data analytics, data visualization, customer relationship management, digital marketing, agile project management and more, equipping frontline workers with the skill flexibility they need to pivot rapidly into new roles.

Invest in creating diverse talent pipelines.

Your frontline workforce is a source of some of your company’s most diverse talent. By building clear pathways up for diverse talent, you can ensure your future leadership team not only deeply understands banking, but also deeply understands your customers.

Meet Sarah.

From customer service rep to Salesforce administrator

Sarah A. spent the first 15 years of her career working in customer service in a variety of industries and spent the past five years working as a Customer Service Representative for her regional bank. After taking the Pathstream Salesforce administration program, she was promoted at her bank to work as a Salesforce Administrator, filling a critical role that had been sitting empty for 6+ months.

The future of banking is digital, but only 26% of banking employees have the digital skills they need to do their job in the next 3 years.

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