Navigating the Talent Storm in Insurance

Proven Strategies for Retention & Growth in the Digital Age

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Let’s face it: Insurance has an employee retention problem.

In 2023, the industry battled a whopping 14% turnover rate. Meanwhile, 83% of insurance HR leaders say they’re constantly struggling to fill open positions. In a labor market that’s only expected to grow 0.3% annually over the next decade, there’s no sign these problems will be solved anytime soon.

But despite these ongoing challenges, there’s still some good news. Insurance companies can do more to nurture and retain the talent they already have. Replacing an employee can cost over 100% of their annual salary, while upskilling or reskilling can cost less than 10%.

In this free ebook, we’ll take a closer look at the “talent storm” HR leaders in the insurance industry are currently facing. We’ll also explore some roadblocks your team could eventually face and share actionable recommendations for overcoming them.

In this ebook, you’ll learn:

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