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Unlock the true potential of your team

Centene partners with Pathstream to support everyone’s growth.

Being a leader is an art and a science. With your personalized Pathstream experience, we’ll help to develop skills as a current leader and support you in accelerating your career path at Centene.

Personalized Career Paths

Eligible employees, managers, and supervisors can explore options by taking a quick intake assessment and sharing more about themselves. Pathstream uses these insights to recommend learning resources and job opportunities (career pathways) at Centene. 


Professional Pathstream Mentorship coaches are ready to help you with management and career challenges, big or small! Schedule 1:1 sessions with a dedicated coach at times that work best for your calendar. 

Customized Learning and Resources

Gain new skills and improve existing ones to help you today and tomorrow with a dedicated People Leader Toolkit, free courses, and university certificate programs for eligible People Leaders available to you for free as a Centene employee. 

See Pathstream in action

Check out this quick overview video featuring Dave:

The Employee Experience

1. Getting started:

You and your team will receive an email invitation to create a Pathstream account on April 16th.

2. Self-discovery:

A short intake assessment will help you and your team uncover skills and get personalized learning and career recommendations.

3. Coaching and support:

Professional coaches can help you navigate the challenges of being a People Leader and explore career growth opportunities.

4. Career discovery:

Employees and eligible People Leaders can explore career pathways at Centene and learn more about the roles that are a great fit for them.

5. Learning and development:

A People Leader toolkit, free courses, and certificate programs will help guide you through key challenges and build new skills for the future.

Key details for Centene People Leaders

What is Pathstream?

Pathstream is a platform to unlock the potential of employees. We do this by providing skill-building, coaching, and personalized career guidance to help people improve in their current roles and work towards career advancement. By working with Pathstream, your employees will not only access resources to build critical skills essential for their current role (such as communication and time management), but they’ll have a dedicated space to think about their career within Centene, becoming more engaged and committed to growth.


Many of the Pathstream Coaches have backgrounds in education, counseling, and recruiting. Their role is to provide an outside perspective and help you and your team identify their skills, clarify goals, and successfully put into action a career plan that aligns with the department’s and organization’s needs. 

Pathstream is self-paced and designed for independent career exploration and development. We encourage you to talk to your team about their Pathstream experience and how they’re applying what they’re learning to their career growth at Centene.

The platform is designed to help you and your team get better clarity on their wants, needs, and dreams to make conversations about performance and career development easier!

Each individual Pathstream journey is different. This self-guided program is designed to be flexible; your team can access resources (including coaching calls) when they’re available and manage their time in a way that works best for themselves and their current workload.

Pathstream held an information session for eligible Centene People Leaders on April 2nd. Click here to watch a recording.

For more information, email [email protected]

Talking to your team about Pathstream

When will my employees have access to Pathstream?

Eligible employees will receive an email to create an account on the Pathstream platform on April 16th.

Coaches are skilled professionals from Pathstream who have helped hundreds of employees reach their career goals. Many of our coaches have backgrounds in education, counseling, and recruiting. They have worked with people from all backgrounds to help them identify their skills, clarify their goals, and successfully land new jobs.

When your employees sign up for a confidential call with a Pathstream coach, they will see the name of the coach they will be meeting with.

Coaches are generally available during regular business hours, Monday to Friday. Call times will depend on each coach’s availability and the employee’s work schedule.

A career pathway is a series of real job opportunities you can pursue at Centene as you grow your career.  Pathways are designed around high-demand roles available at Centene in areas like project management, business analytics, operations leadership, and more.

Pathstream recommends a pathway based on each employee’s unique work history, transferable skills, and work preferences. Our coaches will help them explore these opportunities and set personal goals to achieve them.

Pathstream hosted an information session for eligible Centene employees on April 11.

You can watch it here.

For more information, email [email protected]

Our technical support team is here to help weekdays from 8 am to 11 pm CT and weekends from 2 pm to 11 pm CT. Your employees can reach out directly through the Pathstream platform by clicking the help icon or email: [email protected].