Professional Certificate Programs for Customer Contact Teams

Leverage your existing tuition benefit to equip your leaders & team members with CMP Certified competencies. Includes unlimited 1:1 professional coaching.

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NOW AVAILABLE: Leading in an AI-Enabled World

Bring out the best in each 
leader & team member.

No new budget or procurement

Certificate programs are covered by your existing tuition assistance benefit.

Therefore, no exchange of PII, contracting, or procurement is necessary.

Employees opt-in to use their tuition benefit, the same as for any other university degree program.

Delivered outside of work hours

Programs are credentialed by top universities & provide college credit, motivating team members to build relevant, durable skills outside of work hours.

Courses offered by independent bona fide institutions of learning do not trigger additional compensation for non-exempt employees.

 1:1 professional coaching

All Certificate Programs feature unlimited 1:1 professional coaching & AI-powered skill-building simulations.

This experiential program is designed to provide each participant with ample opportunities for applied practice and real-time feedback.

Learning Experience

Leader Capabilities Developed in the Program

•Demonstrate self-awareness, motivation, empathy & social skills

Shifting mindsets in the transition to  people leadership

•Employ strategies to manage self & others in stressful work environments

•Build mindsets of adaptability in oneself and others

    • Provide clear structure & expectations

      Align team & individual goals to org goals

      Motivate by creating a sense of meaning & impact


    • Leverage data to diagnose & address performance issues

    • •Prioritize, delegate, & manage time as a leader
  • Design high-impact 1:1s for engagement & performance
  • Deliver & act on constructive feedback
  • Coach employees to strengthen performance
  • Engage employees in issue analysis & solutioning
  • Support career development of direct reports
Targeted upskilling
    • •Navigate & resolve difficult employee issues
    • •Build effective relationships with direct reports, peers & leaders
    • •Engage & manage stakeholders
    • •Effective upward communication
    • •Navigate and manage conflict in the workplace
    • •Understand GenAI strengths, weaknesses, & the role of a  human-in-the-loop
    • •Equip direct reports to develop appropriate trust of AI in the workplace
    • •Coach others to leverage AI to boost performance
    • •Gain perspectives on how to evolve, succeed & advance as a professional in an AI-enabled world

Agent Capabilities Developed in the Program

    • •Demonstrate self-awareness, motivation, empathy & social skills
    • •Employ active listening skills to uncover root cause issues & needs
  • •Employ strategies to manage self & others in stressful work environments
    • •Delivering an exceptional customer experience
    • •Support members to identify practical, workable solutions
    • •Checking for understanding
    • •Conflict management strategies
    • •Proactively de-escalate
Targeted skill-building
  • •Make informed decisions using available information
  • •Apply problem solving processes to workplace scenarios
  • •Exercise sound judgement adhering or modifying processes & when to escalate
  • •Navigate ambiguity independently
  • •Implement time management strategies
  • •Prioritize work based on urgency & importance
  • •Demonstrate willingness & ability to adapt to change
  • GenAI strengths, weaknesses, and human-in-the-loop
  • Trusting AI in the workplace
  • Understanding skill transitions for an AI-augmented role
  • Leveraging AI to boost performance
  • Career growth in an AI-enabled world

Additional benefits for our Enterprise team partners

Company-specific cohorts

We offer company-specific cohorts for our enterprise team partners, designed to facilitate community & relationship building within your organization.  

Company-specific cohorts include opportunities to feature leaders from your team throughout the program as guest speakers and presenters. 

Options to tailor to your division

For enterprise team partners, we offer opportunities to tailor and customize various aspects of the program to your division or team.   

Customization opportunities include tailoring the 1:1 professional coaching offering to your team’s specific needs or goals or developing custom curriculum to address specific capability needs.    

Turn-key for leaders & team members

We equip you with a full toolkit that makes it easy to drive awareness & engagement to participate among your team members.

We additionally offer services that eliminate any financial barriers to employee participation & ensure no out-of-pocket costs.

Hear Custom Contact leaders & team members share their experience in the program

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